Storm Damage Repair for Asphalt Roofing

We can help with your insurance claim process

If your home has been affected, we offer emergency services

El Sol Roofing handles any roofing emergency you might have from recent storms. Storm damage repairs are most times covered by your homeowner’s insurance and we are glad to help you navigate this process. We are your neighbors and we understand the devastation a large storm can cause because we’ve endured them too. We are locally owned and open 24/7, so call on us anytime for your emergencies, including emergency roof tarping for large damaged areas of your roof. Located in Tyler, TX, El Sol Roofing will work hard to get your home or business back to normal after a large storm.

After the Storm

First and foremost, your safety is our top priority. If you notice any power lines that have fallen on or near your home, call 911. If you see large areas of your roof or structure damaged after a storm, please do not wait inside until a professional has inspected your structure for safety. If you don’t see significant damages, we suggest you still have us come out and do a free inspection to look for problems that might not be so obvious but detrimental to your roof’s structure or integrity. We are available 24/7. We’ll make sure your roof structure is sound and doesn't have damages that could lead to more money down the road.

Man working on repairing a damaged asphalt shingle roof

When do I file an insurance claim?

The first step is to call us as soon as possible. We come out, do a thorough inspection, and document the damages. Insurance companies prefer recorded damages to be documented sooner than later. Ricardo and his crew will help you each step of the way. We have helped clients with insurance claims to cover the costs of the damages. Providing you with the proper documentation and delivering prompt service makes the process go smoother. Choose a roofing company known for its reliability and hard work. El Sol Roofing will work hard for you and your family. Let’s get through this together!

Call us - We’re here for you 24/7!

Your home or business is your livelihood and we understand how devastating it can be if it's been hit by a storm. We can help you put things back together. Give us a call at 903-343-9074.

Experience Excellence when you Choose El Sol Roofing

Owner Ricardo Castillo is dedicated and works hard for you. Insured, courteous, and knowledgeable, El Sol Roofing gives you the best in customer service and aims for customer referrals. We are proud to serve Tyler, TX along with Longview, Henderson, Jacksonville, Palestine, and Canton. Our general service range is typically 90 miles outside of Tyler, TX, so give us a call! We offer military and senior discounts.

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